Spending time with your friends is always entertaining, especially if you are engaged in some interesting activity. You will not get bored even if you are just talking with them, so what about watching an exciting movie? Watching movies with friends is encouraging and will help you create happy memories.

Are you confused about selecting a movie to watch with your friends for special events or spending some time? Urvasivo Rakshasivo, Ori Devuda, and Dj Tillu will make a perfect choice if you prefer new Telugu movies download . These are movies with interesting stories, particularly suited for watching with your friends.

Telugu movies – best suited for watching along with friends.


  • Urvasivo Rakshasivo

The romance comedy entertainer Urvasivo Rakshasivo is an interesting movie with an exciting story. It is best suitable for a movie plan with friends as the story has some parts that would be much more interesting if you watched it with friends. The movie revolves around the story of an IT  employee, Sree Kumar. He falls in love with a free-spirited woman Sindhuja, who has no interest in marriage. The movie continues with Sree Kumar facing certain challenges to maintain his love life.

  • Ori Devuda

One of the best romantic comedy films, Ori Devuda, is a good choice to watch with friends. The movie has a good love story that would make everyone feel like wishing to have such a life. It is a good movie to watch with friends, especially if you have married your friend. The story is about Arjun, who marries his best friend Anu and later goes through several new thoughts. The movie also has some fantasies that would keep all the viewers encouraged.

Dj Tillu - Rotten Tomatoes

  • Dj Tillu

Would you like to watch a romantic comedy film with a love story that would match the present trends? You must try watching the suspenseful romance movie DJ Tillu. The central character of this movie is DJ Tillu, a wild local DJ. The movie’s main event starts when Radhika, his lover, drags him into a series of trouble one after another. She even tries to put DJ Tillu in her problems by saving herself, surprising the viewers.


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